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Executive Profile

Brad O'Connor is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word, having been a successful hands-on business owner and operator for three decades, devising various business models and strategically locating each of them to grow and succeed; a creative mind possessing uncanny business instincts and market expertise.  

In addition to creating his own brands and businesses, Brad has experience in franchising. He was named International Rookie Franchisee of the Year following his first year of operation with a ‘top-250 worldwide’ franchise business.
Brad O'Connor has ten years of experience in selling businesses. He uses an innovative and creative approach to selling a business; an understanding of the importance of numbers and statements, combined with an appreciation for motivating factors and emotions; an ability to devise a plan, unique to each situation that will suit both the buyer and the seller. Not each business sale needs to be based on a template model. By working closely with all parties involved, Brad can make the deal work.
Brad is a proud father of three extremely active and funny little people.

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