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Business Consulting

We help management make the bigger decisions on strategy, operations, technology and sales. The Directors of OConnor have realized a great deal of success in running their own businesses, and are able to ensure a unique and results-orientated approach to any consulting project. We will assess the operation to discover its weaknesses, deficiencies, and threats. We will devise a strategic plan to improve and repair each area of concern, including Management Training, Business Coaching, and Interim Management Services.
We specialize in the latest Digital Marketing techniques, Customer Acquisition, and Customer Retention. Through our partnership arrangements and networking capabilities, we are able to provide the most up-to-date software and technology as part of our solutions, and to expertly market the client’s operation.
OConnor Consulting offers Consulting services to all types of businesses. We can structure our level of services not only around a client’s requirements, but also around a client’s budget. We cater to all needs and all budgets. Discover how we can assist in the growth of your business, or contact us for a free evaluation and consultation.

Consulting Services

OCONNOR Consulting offers a variety of consulting services that will improve your organization, leading to business growth and success:
Operations and Business Growth
We offer management coaching and training, covering all operational aspects of the business including: staffing, inventory, cost controls, marketing & promotions, productivity, and customer/client service and relations. More

Individual, Team and Organizational Assessments
Through assessment we are able to help our clients gain understanding and an awareness of individual, team, and organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. More

Leadership Development
We help our clients build leadership skills that are important for business success including: Team-Building, Communication, Mentoring, Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving. More

Human Resource Management Consulting
We consult with our clients in many aspects of Human Resource operations and planning, including Compensation & Benefits Plans, and Development of HR Policies and Procedures. More

Talent Management
We work with our clients on strategies that will improve attraction, retention and development of talented people. More

Training & Development
We provide our clients with programs and services that produce well-trained, effective employees. More

Strategic Planning & Measurement
We help our clients navigate through difficult and complex organizational issues. We help with organizational strategy, and organizational structure. We work with clients to develop business growth strategies for the organization. We work on a branding and identity process, which helps them determine who they are, who they want to be, and how they will get there. Our process helps clients identify and articulate key performance indicators of their business, then helps them track and measure these indicators over time. More

Change Management
OConnor Consulting helps companies to manage Change and Transition successfully by developing action-oriented plans, which are quickly and effectively implemented. We are able to help our clients assess important issues, identify obstacles, and develop strategies that help will help them overcome even the toughest change scenarios. More

Covert Assessments and Action
The most effective method that a client can use to gain insight into its organization is by using an under-cover source. OConnor Consultants will ‘shop’ the business in a covert manner to address its weaknesses and threats, and report back to the client the results of the shop. By incorporating our Secret Shopper and Secret Employee programs, we will show the client how the business is truly operating. More
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